February 26, 2017


Sometimes the people who are pretending to be dumb are the people who are smarter. It is because they knew that being smart doesn't need to be exposed, it comes out naturally. And sometimes they don't want to get caught in an argument with someone who is pretending to be smart and doesn't want to admit his mistake. Smarter people will pretend that they are dumb so the discussion will not get any longer. They don't want to talk to people who are pretenders and will instigate a fight just to prove that they are smarter and more intellectual.

Smarter people will just keep quiet and will not contradict any ideas from people who are pretending to be smart. They knew what is right and they don't need to prove it because it was already proven. They don't care if they were beaten in a discussion because they never believe in words, they believe in actions.

So if you are this kind of person who is pretending to be smart and knows everything... be careful because sometimes you think you are playing with people but the truth is smarter people is playing you. They will laugh at you the moment you are not around anymore, they knew that you are lying so you better stop your arrogance because it will backfire at you.

The best way to become smart is to tell that you are not smart and don't force people to think that you are smart. Just act naturally and accept the things that you don't know. People will be impressed at you even more if you are true to yourself. Admit that you don't know something because you will only look dumber if you are pretending that you know everything.

And the truth is... it doesn't matter if you are smart or not, what really matters is you can produce results that will put your life in a better position.

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