February 24, 2017


Having money is a big advantage to create more money. That is why if you want to build a business then you must have enough capital that you can use to start. I am not saying that if you don't have money then you can never create more money. I am just saying that if you have money then it will be easier for you to create more money especially if you use your money in the right way and you implement right methods to make it multiply.

Even if you are not doing any business, once you have money... you can attract more money. If you have a pretty decent savings in your bank account then it will be easier for you to earn more money and make your bank account bigger. It is because you have the feeling of having a lot of money. And once you feel good then you can also attract good. You will always be at ease, you will have a peace of mind and that is very good in any kind of career. You will not worry about bills, food to eat or emergency. Once you are at peace, it will be easier for you to create more money. 

So start saving now and never touch your savings, only use it if there is an emergency. Once you know that you have money then you will be more creative, inspired, motivated and free. Once you have the habit of saving money then you will save money forever because you will feel rich. Feeling rich is no different from being rich in the real life. Wealth is all about emotions, once you feel good then you will experience abundance. 

It doesn't matter if your money is small or big, what matters is the amount you have gives you good feelings, security and freedom. Freedom to do things without worrying if you have money to spend for tomorrow. 

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