February 21, 2017


What most people don't know is they can have fun while struggling. Struggling is no different from making a progress. If you are struggling it means you are still moving, the only difference is you feel bad while moving, you feel like you've been suffocated and you are having a hard time making an improvement. What makes it even more difficult is you are rattling and you want to escape the situation, you want to end your suffering but you can't because you are so much focus on your negative feelings, you are making it a big deal. You are so worried, you feel like losing, you are not having fun, you can't find a way how to make your situation better.

Your struggle will only end if you can appreciate the moment and have fun while struggling. It is possible, you are the one responsible for your emotions and the not the people or things around you. Even if you are in a bad situation, you can still have fun and make the best out of the moment. You can manage your emotions and stop the suffering right away.

Just laugh at it. You can laugh at any situation, even if you are down, even if you feel really bad... once you laugh at your situation you will feel good a little bit. You will also begin to realize that it is not really bad and you can still feel better during hard times.

If you can have fun while struggling, your situation will change fast. You will begin to see best opportunities, you will have hope and your motivation will go up again. It is simply because you are not worrying, your mind is still operating at its best. You will look invincible because only few people can smile during hard times.

Struggling is not bad, it is normal and everyone struggle. The more you struggle, the more you become stronger, only if you don't give up and embrace it.

Embrace the pain and think of it as a no big deal. If you are not struggling it means you are not progressing nor trying.

Only people who are ok with struggling can make it. Just remember that struggling has an ending and it will only end if you are moving.

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