February 19, 2017


A lot of college students were so worried about their thesis. They are so worried because they are entertaining the thought that what they did may not be enough and their professor might ask them to repeat the whole thing. But why, why are they so worried? why are they so scared of something that they can repeat again. They can change the whole thesis and make it right next time so why are they so worried? maybe it is because they don't want to work hard again.

You don't need to worry about something if you did it wrong because you can repeat it again. Don't be afraid of the process, be afraid of your laziness. If you are ok of taking actions then there is nothing to worry about. Don't be afraid of repeating because all it does is teach you. You just think that it is making your life difficult because you don't want to take actions anymore, keep in mind that repeating will make you better, stronger and smarter.

If your business suddenly go bankrupt for unknown reasons... don't feel bad, you can cry for just one day but don't let that failure ruin your life. You've been successful before, you know how it feels, you know what it takes so it only means you can repeat that success again. You can repeat it over and over again. So cheer up and build your empire again, take it one step at a time, start building your brand and never look back.

If you audition for a talent show and you were not pick because they see someone else... again don't feel bad because you can audition again, you can try again and maybe next time you will be picked and you can show your talents to everyone.

Trials never ran out, you can try as much as you want, repeat as much as you want. Never let your heart get tired. Your body may become tired but never let your heart give up.

There is no harm in repeating, all it does is toughen you and make you a better person so never make it a big deal. Feel blessed if you are repeating because it means you are strong, it means you are never giving up.

Just enjoy repeating over and over again until you become successful, until you get what you want.

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