February 18, 2017


You just didn't come out from your mom's womb to do nothing. You are here for a reason, you just don't realize it yet because you're too busy bumming around and rubbing elbows with people that will not even contribute to your growth. You have a purpose in this world and it is your duty to find out what that purpose is.

You are not here because of luck, you are here to become something great so stop wasting your life for nothing. Find out what it is that will make you a contributor to the society. Explore what passion is right for you that you can share to everyone.

You are here to do something that will make your life meaningful, you're not another bum like others so think highly of yourself and let go of the things that are stopping you. You are here for a reason, you are here to inspire people.

You can only find your purpose in life if you will rearrange your life and step towards the right direction. You are the only one who can know what is your reason for being here so start exploring and stop procrastinating.

You can be a hero to other people or just to your family. You can become a big contributor that a lot of people admire.

So stop doing stupid things and start directing your life to the right way. Life is a journey, it is a forever process. So don't accept your situation now because you can always do better. If your life sucks right now, don't accept that you will be in that situation forever. There is always a chance for a change, there is a better place waiting for you.

Better things and opportunities are waiting for you, you just need to manage your thoughts and actions and do what is necessary. So start now and find your purpose in this world.

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