February 01, 2017


Some people will work for free that is why it becomes their habit and they cannot escape that rut anymore. Other companies or businessmen were abusing them because they are giving free service. There is nothing wrong in working for free, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that if you truly love it and you are not complaining about it. You can work for free if you are truly enjoying what you are doing and it is the only thing that gives you happiness. That is why there are some people who really give public service for free... they truly love it and that is their satisfaction.

But if your goal is to make some money then never work for free. Some companies especially the quick service restaurants (I will not mention their names) will abuse their employees and will require charity work because their leverage is they will regularized the most obedient employee.

You know what? a work without pay is not a work anymore. It is a form of slavery, are you a slave or a worker? define yourself.

It is not about being lazy or arrogant. You need to know your value and give importance to your time. You can do a lot from the time that you are giving to other people. The worst thing is... that company might still not regularized you even if you give them a lot of charity work because they will only choose a few. Of course they will choose their favorites, what if they don't like you?

You should know what you are made of. You can do better than that, you can still find other people or companies that will pay you right and give you what you deserve. Don't sacrifice a lot of your time for people who are abusing you and asking for free work. Your mindset should be in an abundant place, you can always find something or someone better. Don't be a slave of slavery.

Some clients will not pay your work if they don't like it, beware with those clients, those are the most abusive ones. They will ask for some trial but the trial looks like its the whole work already. It is funny because they will even ask for a lot of revisions but will not pay you later.

Work only if the pay is guaranteed, never give free work because you will only get hungry and broke if you keep doing that. Always be confident that you can find some pretty cold cash somewhere without being abused.

And the reality is if you keep working hard and do your best then money will come to you naturally without forcing it. Opportunities will be attracted to you. So don't worry if your company fires you because you are not giving them charity work. Know your rights, be confident that you can find a better work somewhere. Place your mind in a state of abundance, you will always find something better, you will get what you deserve. You will get what you want and that is a fact.

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