February 01, 2017


The first question is why are you hesitating? why are you doubting yourself? Why are you stopping yourself from making that move? don't you know that moving is free? asking is free and trying is free, there is no harm in making a move especially if it is a positive move and can connect you to different opportunities.

You need to execute that move now! not later not tomorrow, now is the perfect time even if you think that you are not prepared. Because if you will wait for the perfect timing then it will never come. The perfect time is right when you are hesitating and doubting yourself.

You need to make that move because it is your only chance, it will show you the way. It will erase all the questions running inside of your head. That move maybe the turning point of your life, that move may change your life completely and give you the freedom that you are searching for a very long time.

It is easy... act like a tough person and execute that move right away. May it be asking a girl for a date, applying for a job, asking your boss for an increase in your salary, telling your parents that you are pregnant or you accidentally impregnate a woman, opening an email of an angry client because you haven't respond for days, telling someone that he disrespects you, honestly saying sorry to the person you hurt from the past, resigning for a company because you feel that there are more opportunities waiting for you, taking the ball and shooting the game winner, etc etc.

Any move that you are scared to execute can be the bridge to a better feeling and experience.Yes, it is scary, it is uncomfortable but once you made that move... you will feel free, you will feel that your problems were gone, you will feel like you conquered your fears and you are a better person now.

You need to make that move if you don't want to have any regrets in life. Take it, grab it, do it. Do it now, the more you postpone... the more your fears will become bigger. You will only know the answer, you will only know what next move to do if you will do what is needed now. It is simple but hard but the reward is priceless. And the truth is... you will never die once you made that move so why are you so scared to do it?

Yeah there is a chance that what you are expecting may not happen. People may reject you, get mad at you, you may even fail but you will never regret making that move. You will be happy for yourself because you made a stand and you take your chances.

There are lot of pussies in this world who have everything, they have the opportunities in life, they have the support but what did they do? they never make a move. The keep on wondering what could have happen if they only take chances. Their regrets were haunting them everyday. Sometimes they even want to go back to the past but it is too late now.

So even if you have the slimmest chance of making it... still do it, still make a move. You never know, fate loves the fearless people, it is giving a fair chance to people who have the courage to become courageous despite of fear.

Move while you can still move, while you still have time. It is free, you need to make it, you need to see what is possible in your life.

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