February 08, 2017


If you want to get rich fast the you should better join the lottery, there is a chance that you can get rich fast but that chance is very slim and impossible. But the good thing is if you win... you don't have to work anymore. But a lot of people were stuck in that rat race, they don't want to work so they just join the lottery and look at them now... they almost spend a lot of money for that lottery but they still didn't won. They are waiting forever for the opportunity that will never come.

Aiming to get rich fast will never work because nobody has ever done it. A lot of people will look for something that will make them rich fast. They will join marketing campaigns, investments that promises them to get rich fast but none of them will work. Those companies that promises you to get rich fast are all scams. You will find out in the end that your money were all gone. Companies promises to triple or double your money were all fake.

Come to think of it, you were always finding a solution on how to get rich fast and when you find something that didn't work, you will find another one and another one. You are always starting something new that never works because you are expecting it to to work so fast. The time you spent for looking for a fast solution is getting larger and larger. You always think, you always try something new and then start all over again. You don't notice that you are spending a lot of time, if you only use those time you've wasted for a real work where you can grow then probably you are richer now. Being rich takes 5-10 years of real hardwork. Not just a work that is mediocre and weak work, were are talking about real work here.

Those who are always looking for shortcuts will never arrive at their desired destination because they will quit once they experience a little difficulty. And in life, you can never succeed if you are not willing to face adversity and challenges. You can only succeed if you persevere and keep working until the end, no matter how long the work is.

Just enjoy the struggle, just feel good about the process because it is the only way to become rich. You can never make the process shorter because doing that will only lead you to failure. You can never escape work, you need to work a lot to achieve a lot. If you will only work for shorter time then you will only get little amount of success.

So don't get easily discouraged if you are working a lot and achieving very little. The rewards will come in the end. Getting rich is not all about who gets rich faster, it is about who wants it more and who will work until the end,

If you want to make something work then you have to pay the price. You have to work like hell and do your best every second. I am telling you, success is already guaranteed if you commit to working until to the very last stage of the process.

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