February 23, 2017


Look for something that has a progress and that's it. If you can't see any progress in what you are doing then it means you don't love it bad enough. Even if you're not making big time results, if you can see progress then you're on your way to success.

So find a little progress in anything that you are doing, if you can see it and you are happy with it then it means you are on the right path. It's just a matter of time before you become successful, you just need to wait a little more, work hard a little more and be patient a little more.

If you are growing everyday then you will be happy even if the growth is very little, your motivation and determination will become stronger. Just keep on making that progress and you will see that you will go very far.

A lot of people quit because they can't see progress in their work. Or maybe there is but they are not appreciative of that little progress, they want to make it fast. They want to become big time in an instant which will never happen, having an overnight success only happens in movies that never sell.

Let's take body building as an example, it is really hard to make your muscles grow, you need a lot of time, you need to face a lot of pain that is why there are lot of wannabes who take steroids, they take shortcuts that makes them go back to the very beginning. The progress of body building can be seen not only from the growth of your muscles. You can make progress by adding small pounds to what you are lifting. You can add a few pounds every week or every month and that is already a progress. Your physical and mental strength is improving so that is a progress already even if your muscles were not yet growing. Be happy with it and keep progressing, soon you will begin to see that your muscles were already growing.

You can see progress not only on the results but also with the person you become. You can become better, stronger and smarter. You can learn a lot of things by simply repeating the process over and over again. You may not see big time results but there is a big transformation in your personality and that kind of progress is better than success.

You can honestly feel it if you are making a progress, but sometimes even if you don't feel that you are progressing you must stick with the process because sticking with it is already a progress, you do it everyday, you improve everyday even if you don't notice it. The truth is... if you are consistent and you are not stopping then you are already progressing.

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