February 24, 2017


Your position in life is where is your head at. If you are thinking about the difficulty of life then your life will become very difficult. But if you are thinking about abundance and you keep taking positive actions then life will open the most precious gifts for you and it will make you experience the beauty of it. You are what you think about. If you think that you are great then you are, if you think that you are useless then you are. Your head thoughts can never go wrong.

So what you need to do is entertain thoughts that will make your life better and your position higher. Don't think lowly of yourself. Always think that you can do this and you can do that. Always appreciate the beauty of life and it is always easy because it is. Life only becomes difficult because you make it difficult. You are so focus on the difficulty and not on the easiness. It will only become easy if you will direct your thoughts to the right direction and keep thinking about how can you make solutions. Always think about the improvement, never think about failing because that kind of mentality will make you a failure.

Once you made a mistake... never put your head on that mistake, move on very fast and never take it seriously. Why are you so serious? just have fun in doing the right thing and building the life that you want.

If you want a very nice car then look for the picture of the cars that you want. Never look at the mediocre cars because you are setting yourself up for getting it. Never look at the second hand or used cars because I know that you don't want it, you are just forcing yourself to like it because you think that it is the only thing that you can afford. You can do more, you can have more. The main reason why are you not getting what you want is because your head is not focused on getting it. Your head is focused on comfort and that is getting easy things that will give you no sweat.

If you want big money then why are you so focused on getting jobs or business that will give you low pay? You want an assurance that is why you are pretending that you want those low paying jobs. But if you are also sure that you will get big money then that is what you will get. If you are so sure about something you will get it because your head is on it.

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