February 07, 2017


You think you already did your best, you think that is the best you can do. You think you try hard but your strength and skills were not enough that is why you still fail. But that is just what you think. What you did is just 50 percent of your true capabilities.

You are capable of producing more, you are deserving of getting more, you just don't believe in yourself and you don't want to get uncomfortable. You are just satisfied of what you show because you don't want to feel the pain anymore, you don't want to work a little more anymore.

Your potential is unlimited and you can only realize it if you will push yourself to the limits. You think you are tired, yes maybe it is true but it doesn't mean you can't push a little further even if you were already tired. Your body can take any amount of pain if you are mentally tough and you are ready to face any challenge.

If you are just earning $1000 a month, you can make it $2000 and double it and double it. Your present achievements is only 50 percent of everything that you can do. You can do better than that, you can always improve your situation and double the amount of success that you are getting.

You just need to accept that you are not giving your best and there are more things that you can give. You can give more effort, you can give more love, you can be more passionate and motivated. It is just a matter of conditioning your mind that what you are doing is not enough and you can still elevate everything that you are doing.

Test yourself, push more and stay longer with your work. You will see that you are better than what you think you are. You will see that your potential is unlimited and you are capable of achieving greater heights in life.

Stop holding yourself back because it won't help you, let yourself free, be loose and try to explore the unknown territory. Try something new, look at yourself as a powerful and enduring human being. You can do everything if you are willing to face any adversity and uncomfortable situation.

You can always beat your own record, you can always run an extra mile, earn an extra penny, lift one more pound, read one more page, write one more sentence, forgive one more time, try another one, sacrifice one more day, love for one more time. You can always try another one and give your best, your power is unlimited if you realize that it is true.

You have to give everything you've got if you want to become successful. You must not be satisfied of your previous performance. You must always elevate and push your self a little bit more. Try to leave your comfort zone and explore a more dangerous, risky but more rewarding opportunity.

Let me remind you again, what you did is just 50 percent of your true capabilities. Your true potential hasn't been open yet. You can do more, be more and have more. Just continue to push yourself and never stop until you get what you want.

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