February 20, 2017


It is not talent, smart or name that turns on success... it is desire, consistency and focus.

You can attract success if you are so focus on what you are doing. When I say focus it means you are consistent and you are doing something everyday to be at least one step closer to your goal.

You've got to have a burning desire that burns other weak desires in the world. You have to standout not because you are trying hard to standout and doing some crazy and useless things but because the world can't ignore you because of the work ethic that you are showing. Success is easily turned on to people who are working like there is no more tomorrow. In other words, you can attract success if you're a work horse because you have a strong momentum going on and you can easily produce results. You will become very lucky if you work relentlessly and no one can change that rule.

Just be consistent, one step at a time, move your ass and force yourself to move even if you are lazy. Just make baby steps even if you feel like not moving, soon you will get your rhythm and you will be back on track again. Success will fall in love with you if you are showing up everyday and doing what you are supposed to do. Success love people who doesn't want to absent.

What turns OFF SUCCESS?

Living like a submarine. What do I mean by this? submarine means sometimes you are showing up and sometimes you are not. Sometimes you are working hard and sometimes not. You can't be just working whenever you want to. You should avoid acting like a star, you should be strict in your schedule and devour any opportunity presented. Because success will stay away from you if you are irresponsible and unreliable. You should always be connected and aligned with your work if you want to make it big time. It should be on your mind 24 hours a day.

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