February 21, 2017


Real happiness is not telling the world that you are happy. A real happiness doesn't need to brag or be proud or have a big exposure. If you are really happy then you don't need other people to be happy for you. Real happiness comes from the feeling of appreciation, you appreciate anything that you see, you appreciate anything that is happening in your life. Real happiness doesn't need riches, popularity or appreciation from other people. It comes from inside of you, you can create it or even manipulate it. Just think of a happy thought and you're already happy, as simple as that.

People give a lot of deeper meaning to happiness not knowing that it is very simple. They thought that you have to go to different places to become happy, they thought that having billions or big houses or fancy cars is the source of happiness. If that is the case then why are there lots of millionaires who have big problems and not happy with their life?

You can create you own happiness by simply remembering what it feels like to be happy. Be satisfied with what you have and just think of the simple things and people that are making you happy. You don't need to complicate happiness because it will only give you misery. Just simply looking at the picture of your family will give you happiness. Just simply kissing your wife will give you happiness. Just simply being thankful that you are still alive will give you happiness. Happiness is in the thought so just entertain thoughts that will make you smile.

Living with the moment is happiness, not looking for what you don't have is happiness. You can be really happy if you're not needy and you don't try to please people. Stop impressing people, stop looking for popularity, it will come if it is yours but always stay natural and genuine.

If you truly wanted to be happy then stop thinking about what is not yours and start appreciating all the things and people that is in your life. You have a lot of time, don't compare your happiness to other people's happiness, just focus on your life. Try to make yourself a little bit better everyday, make a small progress every now and then and always follow your heart.

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