February 27, 2017


If you already have the name, if you have the power, if you can control people then you must use power for inspiration and not for intimidation. Use the story of your life to inspire and motivate people, never use your authority for your own sake and advantage. Because you already have what you want, you already experience a lot and it is time for you to give back.

People will respect you even more if you are treating them right. You can scare them and make them afraid of you but if you are not around they will call you different funny names, they will make fun out of you, do you like that? success is earned and not to be imposed. It should be balanced, they should be scared of you because they respect you and not because you will do something to them if they didn't follow you.

Some big bosses in a certain company is only being followed because he is scaring his employees, this may work but not for a ling time. A lot of people will hate him, some people will even resign because they don't want the rules anymore.

You can make people follow you if you will do some actions that will inspire them. It is up to you how are going to do it. Don't be a power tripper, use your power if needed and if there is someone needed to be disciplined but never use it to force people because it will never produce good results.

You will become more powerful if you will use your power in the right way. Never think that you are above and higher than others because that will go into your head and you will make wrong decisions in life that will be the cause of your falter.