February 07, 2017


I know you've been planting seeds for a very long time. I know you're doing your assignment and you are trying to improve everyday and make your life better than yesterday. I know there are some times when you already wanted to quit because you can't see good things happening, you can't see any progress. But you have to be patient a little more, wait for a little more because those seeds will grow in the right time. You will be able to harvest all the fruits of your labor if you will keep on planting seeds and taking care of it.

Just keep on planting, keep on watering those seeds and remove all the weeds around it that will suck all the nutrients. Your time will come, the glory is already prepared, it's on its way. You just need to prove that you deserve it and then you will have what you want. Success is guaranteed if you will never quit and stick with your vision. It's just a matter of time before you become successful, you don't need to cry for it or complain about it. It will come on the right time so make your faith stronger and your effort harder.

You have to protect your seeds from weeds such as destruction, negative people, bad habits and inconsistency. If you will not protect your seeds then weeds will grow and that will destroy all of your dreams. Water your seeds everyday, do something that will make it healthier and stronger. Your seeds are your dreams, it will come into fruition. All you need is time, patience and continuous hard work.

If it is not growing now, it only means it is not yet your time. But you still need to make it grow, continue working hard and water it because if you will stop what you are doing... your seeds will never grow. All of your efforts will be rewarded in the end, no serious effort will be left unnoticed.

You have to believe that it will grow even if you can't see any reasons to believe because that is the only way to make it grow... your belief. You have to believe no matter what, you have to believe even if it is really hard and a lot of time were passing and you can't see any progress.

Your time will only come if you keep believing, your time is already set. It will only change or come longer than expected if you will stop and put your mind in a negative state. Always have faith, control your mind and place it in a place of believing.

So never stop working, never ever doubt yourself, don't think about the amount of work you still need to do before you get your dreams. Don't look at the time, don't look at yourself if you were already tired. Just keep pushing and moving forward, there is no other way around. Your seeds will grow, trust time, trust the process.

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