February 19, 2017


You've already passed a lot of test. You've already surpass a lot of battles, you've already conquered a lot of obstacles so this is not the time to feel weak. I know that what is in front of you is too hard and too difficult to conquer but you've already come too far so you can't be quitting like that and feeling weak like that.

If you feel that it is impossible then it means that you are very near of succeeding. Take a rest, take a deep breath if you must but don't ever feel weak.

You feel weak because you're just scared. You are so scared to lose so you are playing not to lose. You must play to win and have that sense of urgency. Summon your fighting spirit and show them what you are made of.

Feeling weak is just a feeling, it is not true. You have a lot of power and you can do whatever you wanted to do. Always keep moving forward and never submit to anyone or anything.

This is the last stage, this is the final moment. Put your mind in the right place and never stop moving. Greatness will find a way, you are great, you just need to believe in yourself.

Summon that power inside of you. You can do it by simply moving and making little steps, you can do it by simply relaxing and living with the moment. Appreciate your movement, appreciate our breathing and that's it. You can feel powerful if you are relaxed and not rushing. You need to feel great first so that you can think clearly and make steps towards your goal.

Some people can't recover from the feeling of weakness because they worry so much about winning and making it. Free yourself from the outcome. Once you are moving and making baby steps then you will be fine.

This is not the time to feel weak because you're almost there, you're just only a few steps away from winning.

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