February 27, 2017


If you are having a financial trouble, think of abundance and not about being thrifty. Think about solution and not about subtraction.

You don't have to sell things and watch your properties evaporate one by one just to pay your debts. That is subtracting, you need to think about addition. Add some source of income that you think will work, add some hours for work, do an overtime so you will earn extra money. Adding is easier and more effective than subtracting.

Because if you are subtracting something in your life, it means you're broke, it means you are not handling your life very well and you have to let something go. Try to maintain what you have and add some routines or ways that will put you back on the right track.

When it comes to money, it is better to add something to your numbers and stop subtracting it. Always add something to your savings, may it be small or big... keep adding. It is better to save than to spend. Spending will only give you temporary happiness, you are only happy when you are buying the item but wen it is yours already... you will find out that you didn't like it too much, you will discover that you really didn't need it. But when you are saving, you will become happy for a very long time especially when you are seeing your money growing.

Growth means happiness, decreasing means loneliness. So if you want to be happy... always focus on the addition and not on the subtraction. Always focus on growth and not on leveling down. It is easy, just do what you can do to increase your numbers and that's it. Any method will do, any idea is effective for as long as it is focused on addition.

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