February 18, 2017


1. Using credit cards. You got excited because the bank send you a credit card so you immediately approved the activation of it. What you don't know is that it is not a credit card, it is a death card. The moment you get addicted using it, that is the start of your falter. Using credit card is like inviting troubles in your life, it is an instant gratification and what it does is make you spend without having to work for it first. Your life will just revolve on paying credit cards and you will feel like someone is always hunting you, you will feel like your one feet is buried on the ground and your can't make a progress in your life.

2. Gambling. Gamblers still don't get it that this shit won't make them rich. Any form of easy money without work will not make you rich. You may win sometimes but you will lose a lot of times. No one who hopes to become rich at gambling has ever made it. They always fail. Always remember that there is no shortcut to success, you need to work like hell and accept that you need to be patient and wait for some time to become rich. Wanting it so fast will make you go broke. You need to gamble in life but not by using your money, gamble by taking your chances and risking your life for every best opportunity that is knocking on your door.

3. When you got excited too much. You got excited when you see an opportunity that talks a lot about making money so fast. Opportunities such as MLM marketing, investments that promises to triple your money in 2 months, etc. etc. You got excited so you don't check if the said opportunity is fake or real. You immediately jump in and using all of your money. And what you see in the end? it is all fantasy, it is all fake marketing that main purpose is to steal your money. You also get excited too much when there is an item sale on the mall. You buy the product even if you don't need it, you use all of your money even if it is already budgeted for some other necessities. If there is something that triggers you to spend your money, you can't control yourself and that kind of attitude will make you poorer than a rat if you don't control it.

4. Envy. If you saw your neighbor or friend buy something, you buy it too. You don't want to be left behind, you are always competing and wanting them to think that you have money too. You were so envy if you saw your friend buy shoes or clothes or any other things. You want to have what they have, you don't want to look poor, you also wanted to look rich and that makes you even poorer. You are faking your identity. You don't want to look like you are suffering so you are putting a fake mask that you think will save your ass. But in the end, you will still be a loser because you can't use something when an emergency suddenly visits your life.

5. Watching other people's success. You are too busy watching other people grow, progress and make their lives better. You were so updated of what is going on with other people's lives. You wish you also have the kind of success they have. You don't have time for yourself because your energy were so focused on giving attention to other people and what kind of activities they are doing. You admire them, you wish you were like them, you don't invest in your own growth.

6. Not taking care of your health. You can have a lot of money but if you are not taking care of health then you will go back being poor. If you are on a roll, if you have a strong momentum going on and money is entering your life easily... make sure you still check your health because health is wealth and you can earn more money if you are strong and doesn't need a doctor in life. What is worse is people who were already poor but still not taking care of their health, these kinds of people will die poor and will not even taste the beauty of life. They will remain in the rat race forever for not being responsible.

7. Acting like you're already a big time. You just taste a little success, you just earn some pretty decent cash and you're already acting like a millionaire. You spend too much, you're always on a vacation, you buy things just to please everyone. You are little by little spending all of your money in your savings account and then one day you found yourself having no more money. Stop acting like you're on top of the world, if you become successful then maintain it and don't be lazy because not all the time luck is on your side. You have to maintain that fire and act like you're not successful yet.

8. Being lazy. And last but not the least, the root of all poverty... laziness. You can make a lot of excuses, you can tell the world that you didn't finish your studies or your parents were irresponsible that is why you remain poor. But at the end of the day, your work ethic will still be questioned. If you are a lazy son of a bitch then for sure you will remain poor forever. There are hundreds of stories about rugs to riches and all of it has nothing to do with luck. Successful people say you don't need to finish studies in order to become rich, you just need to have a vision and work really hard. So what is your excuse?

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