February 19, 2017


Genius people doesn't exist. There is no such thing as a man born with great talents. Only lazy people without dreams and doesn't believe in themselves believes that genius do exist.

But you can reach a genius like skills if you have a laser focus mentality. You will become really great if you are doing something for a very long time. For example, if you are playing guitar for more than 20 years for 3 hours a day then you will have a ridiculous skill that is incomparable. People will think that you are born talented, they will think of you as a genius type of person. It is simply because they don't believe in hardwork, all they see is the output and not the process to reach that level of skill.

If you wanted to be called as a genius you must have an insane dedication and work ethic. Your focus must be unparalleled, you must pick something and dedicate your life for it without questions asked and without complaining for a single second.

You can pick anything, it can be about sports, music, business, technology, politics etc. You can be a master in something if you are willing to commit your self for having the super skills that will make you stand out from the rest.

If you will listen to successful individuals, they are saying the same, they are talking the same, their methods were the same... they work like hell and they commit to mastery. They never admit that they were smart, talented or gifted. They talk about their struggles, patience and countless hours of hardwork that made them reach the top. They were even disappointed if someone calls them lucky or blessed because their hardwork was being overlooked.

So forget about the word "genius" because that is not real. Anyone can become great at something if he will sacrifice his life in exchange for greatness. It is up to you if you want to see your best version or you are completely satisfied being a mediocre. There is nothing wrong in being a mediocre if you are really happy being that. But if you are not... then you must do something to achieve greatness too.

Focus is the only key to mastery, never get tired of the process, be consistent and never take away your eyes off from your goal.

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