February 27, 2017


There will be times when you weren't able to show your skills because of some incidents. Sometimes you are not feeling well or you have a problem. Sometimes your coach is benching you or sometimes it is just not your day. Sometimes the judges didn't notice you, sometimes you have a big problem, there will be times when your head is not on it that is why you can't show your true capabilities.

Don't worry because there will always be another day. Sometime nervousness, lack of experience, lack of confidence and not being totally prepared will make you unable to show your skills. Don't worry because there will always be another game, another day, another audition, another tryout. There will always be a next time for you. But that doesn't mean you don't need to give your best today, of course still give your best but don't be hard on yourself if you can't show your true skills now.

Some people are getting depressed if they don't exhibit their best performance, they were getting mad at themselves. Their confidence were going down and they feel that they don't belong. You have to understand that not all night is your night. Even the professionals were messing up in some nights but the only difference is they can accept that they are not perfect and sometimes they were bumming too.

Even if your skills were not showing up or you don't feel good, just try your best to give your best. Always push and make things happen, remember that you can still win even if you can't use your real skills. Always try to remain confident, calm and collective. Never panic, never feel bad. Just look at it as another day, nothing special and there is no need to feel pressure. Even if you fail, keep in mind that there is always another chance, you can always try as many as you want.

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