February 22, 2017


Thoughts are what controls a man. a man's thought is his life, future and condition. So if your life sucks now it means you have a troubled thought, you have a disorganized pattern of thinking and you must act right away if you want to save your life.

There are millions of thoughts that you can entertain but you can only entertain one at a time. You can't be thinking about winning and losing at the same time, you will only go crazy by doing that. You only have one brain, it can only process one information at a time.

But the good thing is... you can choose you thoughts if you are mindful about it. You must be aware if you are processing negative and useless thoughts and replace them with a more positive one. It is possible to filter a thought that is only making you weak and sick, You just need time and practice.

Rather than thinking about losing, you can think about winning isn't it? Even if you are down with a large margin, even if it looks like impossible to comeback, you can still think about winning right? it may sounds irrational but you can still think positive even if the situation is negative.

So be picky when choosing what thoughts to let in. Thoughts are very powerful and if you will not be aware of what thoughts are running inside of your head... you're in big trouble. Situations and people can control you, you will be played, you will not be able to make good decisions and execute right actions. In other words... you're not being yourself.

Always entertain thoughts that will make you feel better and think clearer. You can choose your thoughts, you can control your mind, don't let it control you.

You have a lot of options but you are not using it. If you cannot control the thoughts that are entering your brain, prepare a back up thought that you can use later to overpower the negative thoughts.

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