February 18, 2017


The saddest feeling in the world is when you know you can do better but you didn't give your best. The saddest feeling in the world is when you still want to do something but you can't do it anymore because you were already too old, tired and cannot even walk anymore. The saddest feeling in the world is when you waste your life and you didn't do something to at least do something great or push yourself to achieve what you think you can achieve.

Regretting something you think you can do is the worst feeling in the world. You should open your eyes while you still have some time and try to give your best to achieve your dreams. It is very simple, you will just take actions and do your best. What is difficult about that? yet a lot of people can't figure out what is needed to do because they are worrying so much. They don't believe in themselves and they were always thinking of some better ways to do things. The best way to do something is to simply give your best with the skills that you have. Just push a little harder and think a little deeper and that's it.

Because if you will not take chances, if you will not use all of your skills, if you will not spend your time for the things that really matters then you will not achieve satisfaction and happiness. True bliss can only be experienced if you leave everything on the line and you use all of your strength and powers to get what you want. Nobody will get it for you nor it will not come to you if you will just sit there and do nothing about your situation. If you want to become happy then do what is necessary. Never quit until you have nothing more left in your tank. Never surrender until your gas is empty.

A lot of people wants to turn back time and they promise themselves that they will do better next time. But sorry for them, they can't do anything about their situation anymore. All they can is wait for their death and hope that there is still a second life where they can follow their dreams and correct their mistakes from the past.

So if you still have strength and you can still think clearly, ready clearly and walk... do something that will make you happy. It doesn't matter how old you are. The important thing is you do what you need to do and you try to lessen the regrets in your life. Life is very fast, tomorrow is not guaranteed. You have to take actions now, use all your power to make your dreams come true regardless of how you feel, what you have or what you think. Step up your game and make a move. You only have one life so don't ever waste it because it is the most precious gift that you receive from above.

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