February 20, 2017


The power of will can open any doors of impossibilities. It fears nothing, it just keeps moving until it get what it wants to get.

It is not scared of getting tired, hurt or stressed. It is not scared of discomfort or unknown situations. The power of will can conquer an adversity, it can make miracles and break records that are very impossible to beat. The power of will finds a way, it can show you the correct path to winning, the path may be hard but it is the correct path, it is the surest path to success.

Don't underestimate the power of will because once you have it, even if you don't have enough skills or knowledge... you can still succeed. It will make your body move even if it is badly wounded. It can make your mind think of solutions during pressure situations. The power of will is very powerful, it can bring you to the highest mountain. It can make great comebacks, it can surprise people.

So if you think you are not talented enough or skilled enough... don't worry. The power of will can make you better than who you are. It can escalate your skills to another level, you will be surprised of the things that you can accomplish if you use it. The good thing is.. the power of will never ran out, it is always full, it is always ready to go, it can last forever.

It doesn't matter if you are undergraduate, poor, uneducated, old, sick, disable or broke. If you have the power of will then you can make a dramatic change in your life, you can become victorious, you can make the kings kneel in front of you. There is nothing you can't do if you have it. It is the most powerful weapon in the world.

The power of will can make you triumphant. While everyone already quit.. you are still moving, you are still believing and making your situation a little bit better than yesterday.

You can make anyone or anything submit by willpower, you can enforce it and make everything bend according to your rules. You will become invincible, you will make the difficult look so easy.

So make your will stronger everyday, do it by simply challenging yourself to last longer than what you normally do. Endure the difficult challenges, persevere until you become successful. Forget everything but not your will power.

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