February 24, 2017


If you want to have a lot of power in life, if you want to take control of your emotions and situations... stay busy. If you are busy no one can disturb you. But of course you have to choose the things that you will be busy about. You can't be busy on negative things because it will only make you life even miserable, be busy in something that will make you better and your life better. Be busy in something productive and will give you benefits. Be busy in something that will give you money or something that will make you grow.

There are lot of things were you can be busy about, it can be about arts, business, exercise or even simple things like meditation and cleaning your house. Anything that you enjoy doing and will give you peace, it is a good thing.

If you are so busy working and making yourself better, you will not even know the negative news around you, you will not know the latest gossips, crimes etc. You will have a peace of mind, you will forget the problems of the world. You will forget recession, economic problems, price increase of products, government and any other things that will only give you a headache. You will be happier, you will only experience stress very little and that is a healthy stress because it comes from your work or project.

If you are busy improving yourself, you will even forget your enemies and the people who hurt you. It's not that you are isolating yourself, you just don't have time for any bullshits because you are enjoying yourself too much, you are having a bliss, some kind of a trance that nobody can understand other than you.

If you are busy you will know more about yourself, you will know how good you are and what are your capabilities, you will discover a lot from yourself that you thought never exist. You will experience happiness that you never felt before.

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