February 09, 2017


There are only two things you have to focus the most... that is what you are doing now and the next task after what you did.

A lot of people were having a hard time finishing something because they were thinking a lot. They were thinking about the next step already even though they haven't finished the present step yet. They were rushing and their mind is to finish right away which makes them commit mistakes that will only make the task longer.

If you are doing something then that is the only think that should be thinking about. Just like in taking an exam, never mind the other items yet. Just focus on one item at a time. Solve each problem one by one so that you will be able to enjoy the journey and finish the test faster. If you can't answer the present question then move on to the next one,if you can't still answer the next question then move on to the next one again. Don't jump to the other items. Solve it one by one so that your mind will not worry and rush. You will be able to concentrate more if you are taking it one step at a time, your mind will be able to think clearly if you will take your time and just simply focus on the present item.

And once you finish what you are doing then it is time for you to focus on the next step. Don't think about anything else yet. If you want to achieve something fast then you should only focus on the present step and the next step until you get what you want. It is about locking in and never entertaining any other activities other than what is necessary.

Always be in the moment, if you are doing something just focus your energy there and never think about any other things. That is the best way how to get things done faster than expected.

Because what is the point of rushing if your mind is not clear? you will only get stressed and that will make you even slower. Be totally engaged in anything that you are doing and just stay relax but never get lazy.

Focus is very powerful, a lot of people don't know it. Once you give your time, energy and focus to something then for sure you will be able to conquer it.There is nothing you can't do if you stay focused, relax and committed. You can take baby steps everyday until you get there. You don't need to rush, you don't need to worry if you will get there. You will win for sure if you will never stop.

Life is very simple, any goals can be achieved for as long as you take your time and stay with the grind no matter what. Even if it gets boring... you need to stay there, even if the going gets tough.. you still need to stay there and work until everything becomes fun and enjoyable again.

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