February 25, 2017


All of you were addicted to pleasing people, you want to look good, you want to make others feel good. You want to be appreciated and you always seek for people's approval which is a very bad thing. If you will always try to please the people around you, you will never become happy. All of your actions were based on their principles and demands. You will lost freedom and confidence in yourself. You will become a fake individual with good intentions.

There is only one person that you must please and that is the person that is closest to you. It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother or best friend. Because that person will accept you in your worst times, he will never leave you nor feel ashamed of you once you fail. Some people are only good if you are winning, some people will only stay at your side if they are getting something from you so you better be careful who to please.

Because the closest person to you will never leave you even if you are not doing well anymore, he will always guide you and help you no matter what. He will be loyal to you and will stay with you in hunger or in abundance. He has a genuine care for you and will always wish nothing but the best for you.

If you are pleasing a lot of people then it means you are weak, it means you want to prove something which is not necessary, it means you don't know who you really are because your happiness is based on people's reactions and appreciations. What if they don't like you anymore? what if they were not interested at you anymore? how would you feel?

So please only the person who will stay with you forever and will sacrifice for you. That person is worth it and you can count on him during tough times.

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