February 27, 2017


If you don't want to tell the truth to somebody because you think you might hurt him... you are hurting him even more. If you don't want to tell him that what he is doing is bad and you are afraid that he might get offended, you better think again. You are making life worse for him. Sometimes you `need to be frank and tell him that what he is doing is wrong. Because his life will become worse in the future if you will not correct it now. Making someone a spoiled brat is not love, it is cowardice, you are scared to tell him the truth because you don't want him to feel bad.

If your friend is behaving badly and  a lot of people were already mad at him... you have to tell him the truth. Even if he gets mad at you, you still have to tell it before it's too late. Don't wait for the whole world to get mad at him before you tell him what is needed to be done. And you are not even sure if he will get mad at you, maybe he will thank you even more for being a concerned friend.

It is better to hurt someone now by telling the truth now and stop ignoring the mistakes. Because situation will become worse if you keep postponing the pain. Truth hurts but all of you must face it to live a better life and correct the wrong things in your life.

It is true that truth shall set you free, sometimes you have to hurt someone to wake him up, sometimes you have to be bold and honest so that you can steer someone to the right direction and show him the right way. Being soft will not change anything, you have to be hard and decisive if you want the best for the people around you.