February 16, 2017


This is common sense, if you are doing what you don't want then you are not being yourself. You are not following your passion and you are forcing yourself to do something that will not give you happiness. If you are doing something just for the money then for sure you will not be able to do it for so long. You will quit in the middle of your journey, you will go back home when difficulty struck you.

The only way to become yourself to the fullest is to do what you really want and do it everyday. Don't hold yourself back, be free to move the way you wanted to move. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more you become great and see the deeper version of you. You will see the other side of you that you thought was not even possible.

If you are writing an article the way you wanted to write it without following any rules or technicalities then you are truly following your heart, you are becoming yourself even more. You are expressing yourself regardless of what people will say and that is what do you call truly living life. You don't care about the rules, you don't care about the tradition, you are just being yourself and doing what your heart tells you to do so.

A lot of people can't be themselves because they can't do what they want. It's not that they can't really do it but they are not giving themselves the authority to be who really they are. They were so afraid that other people might judge them and criticize them so they play it safe and keep themselves away from negative comments.

But even if you play it safe, even if you try to be nice and perfect... some people will still judge you, some people will still say nasty things at you so you are really not safe with that kind of approach. You are just depriving yourself from being happy by following other people's rules and ideas.

Do it your way, follow your passion, execute your natural movements. Follow your heart because it can never go wrong, it may look wrong to other people's eyes but you will see it in the end that you are right. It only looks wrong in the beginning but it will always be right in the end.

Reasons why you can't do what you want:

1. You are following an authority. If you're just a follower then chances are you cannot be yourself anytime you want. You should set your life up for a position where you don't need to follow anyone but still living a good and prosperous life. It is possible, you just need to look for an idea and make it big as much as you can. You should be the boss so no one will order you commands that you don't want to follow.

2. You don't have confidence. You don't believe in yourself that what you are doing is right. Belief is the most important element if you wanted to be yourself. You should trust yourself and stop worrying because everything will be alright if you trust your instincts.

3. You want a safer path. You don't want to take risk. You want a safer path because the layout is already there, you don't need to think anymore, you don't need to push anymore. The only bad thing about is you are still a follower and you cannot express your own ideas.

4. You are afraid of embarrassment. You are afraid or rejection, you are afraid of humiliation. You are always thinking about what people will say, you don't want to test your limits. You are always focus on the outcome but the outcome that is running inside of your head is failing and not winning.

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