February 01, 2017


You can't appreciate your own life because you keep on appreciating other life. You are not seeing yourself as beautiful and special human being. You can't hone your own skill because you are too busy watching some other skills. You can't evolve because you are too busy watching other people evolve.

You don't trust yourself, you think that you are not blessed and the grass is greener on the other side. The truth is the grass on your side is green too. It may not be greener but it is also green.

You also have some talents, you also have some gifts but it can't be opened or exposed unless you focus on it. So start being better now and hone your craft so you will be able to experience how it feels to become great.

You have your own money but you are so busy counting other people's money. That is the main reason why you can't become rich, you are too busy being jealous with other people's success. Count your own money and try to make it grow. It can be hundreds or thousands, it may not be millions but it is still money too. You are also rich, you just don't accept it or cannot admit it because you see other rich people being better than you which is not.

Just simply learn to appreciate what you have in life. Never think that you lack something or other people have much more than you. Having that kind of mentality will make you feel so bad about yourself and you will never experience the true happiness. You will lose motivation even more, you will have self pity and that will be the start of your falter.

Look at what you have and try to maximize it or use it as much as you can. Appreciate it, make it grow and never compare it to other people. You have your own pieces of blessings and your job is to be happy with it. Always remember that life is not really perfect, you can only make it perfect by simply thinking that it is perfect. It is your emotions and thoughts that matters, not the reality or judgement from other people.

Make your grass greener. Always try to evolve by simply focusing on making yourself and life better. Don't look at other people's backyard, focus on your own backyard and make your grass super green. You can do it if you will trust yourself, you can do it if you will give more time for yourself.

Some people will even appreciate what you have but the problem is you can't appreciate it. You are always focused on looking for other people better than you. No one is better than you, you are one of a kind and you have the potential to become great too. You can do a lot of things too especially if you will appreciate yourself and everything that you have. So don't get jealous at other people because the grass on your side is green too.

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