February 27, 2017


These are the type of people that do no good for the community. All they know is they want to get something but they will never give back anything in return. These people are leeches, they want to suck everything from you and will not even care if you are getting weak.

Avoid the bum squad, never let them enter your life because you will regret it forever. These people will make your life very difficult. They were very lazy, dependent and will always ask for your help even though they can do it themselves. They feel like they were always entitled to get a help from everyone and when they don't get it... they will make dramas.

They always complain about small things, they make out of the world and annoying excuses. They were like babies who can't even carry their own life. They were very demanding even though they don't have the authority. They were backstabbers and will create a story about you if you didn't give them their demands.

Be aware, you never know you are also a member of the bum squad. If you have the characteristics mention above then you better change yourself because people will stay away from you, do you like that? Even your closest friends and family will stay away from you because nobody like a person who is so dependent and like weed who sucks vitamins and energy from other people.

Life is not all about getting and feeling superior. It is about giving and making the people around you better and stronger. You have to be a force that inspires people and make them motivated. You have to be someone that is independent and can make contributions to the society. It doesn't matter how big or small your contribution is, what matters is you are giving back and you are not only thinking about yourself.

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