February 26, 2017


Rich becomes richer not because they were already rich when they were born, there are hundreds of stories about rags to riches out there and all of them are true. It is also not because they were educated and they have all the knowledge and talents to become rich in life. The big difference between rich and poor is the rich people practices delayed gratification very well. Poor people want immediate satisfaction, they have this "YOLO" idea which is perceived the wrong way.

1. Poor people never save money. Once they earn some money they will spend it right away because it makes them feel good. It makes them proud because at least they can spend something. They never save money so when an emergency comes to their life... they will borrow money from others, they will even borrow money from lenders with big interest that makes them even poorer. Rich people are different, they always save money every now and then, they never buy useless things. They were so focused on making their assets grow that is why they become richer and richer.

Poor people also thought that being rich is having cars and houses and big money that is why they don't feel rich, they know they can't have those things so they will just spend the money on their hands because they think that it is impossible to become rich. Literally they really have poor mindset and broke perspectives. Being rich doesn't have anything to do with the number of possessions you have. Being rich is a feeling, once you feel abundance and you have the commitment to make your money grow little by little and you don't have any debts then you're already rich. It's very easy to do but because poor people wants instant satisfaction... they can't make their money grow. No matter how small your salary is.. you can make your money grow if you will spend wisely and never care about people say if you are not buying anything. You should look at the bigger picture here. Once you are on a very strong momentum and your money keep growing... it will multiply in different ways because you already have the rich mindset.

2. Poor people were always in a stand by mode. They love sleeping, they love hanging out with their "so called" friends so much, they want to look cool and loud that is why they have a lot of time being wasted. They can even use those time wasted for making money but because they were too lazy... they will choose to be in a stand by mode rather than looking for an opportunity to create some money.

3.Rich people are very patient. They are willing to work for long hours and make their business successful. They even work even if their business is not earning yet. They were very patient and they can wait for a long time until their business is already earning. Unlike poor people, once they saw that something is not working... they will leave it right away and will never try for the second or third time.

4. Rich people has lesser children than poor people. Why? because they were smart enough to know that having a lot of children will make their life difficult. They don't want their children to suffer so they were responsible enough to plan very well and do what is  best for their children. Rich people has an average of 2-4 children only in their family while poor people have 5-10, what a big difference. You can also see the "want immediate satisfaction" factor here. Poor people always wants to satisfy themselves and doesn't care if they will have a lot of children. They just reproduce and reproduce without using any method to avoid having a lot of children. Knowledge about family planning is not needed here, you just need a basic logic if you want to avoid poverty.

The conclusion is rich people were very good in disciplining themselves, they were very good practitioners of delayed satisfaction and abstinence just to secure their future and live and abundant life. On the other hand, poor people wants to get happy so fast, all they care about is how they feel at the moment, they were too emotional and invested in having an easy life that is why they are having a hard life.

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