February 08, 2017


It is not about comparing and making yourself feel that you are the more superior than others, it is about reminding yourself that you don't need to complain about your life because someone is getting lesser than you but they feel more blessed than you. 

You complain about your car, you wanted to buy another new one even if you haven't completed the payment yet for your previous car and it is still good as new. You wanted to buy a new one even if you can't afford it because you see another new model that makes you crave for it. You want to impress people that you can always buy another new one. Well, some people doesn't even have a car, some people have but their cars were so old and sometimes it is not even running. Look at those people and see that you are more blessed but yet you still complain and cry about your car for not having the latest feature. Wake up and see how blessed you are, you don't need to ask for another one if you can't afford to buy it. You will just make your life difficult. 

You complain about not having good looks or smooth skin , you always wanted to change something from your body. You wanted to look perfect but if you will look at some other people... their bodies were not even complete yet they are not complaining and they are doing the best they can to have a better life. Your dramas in life is what make your life miserable, you always look for what is not perfect in your life, you always wanted something new, you always wanted to stand out and when you can't have it... you get mad and depressed, you are making dramas even bigger.

Some people can't even have a decent meal yet you are complaining about the repetition of your meals. You don't want to eat scrambled eggs for three straight days, you always complain that you are losing appetite because of repetitive meals. Don't you know that some people can't even eat once a day? they can't even stop their hunger because they don't have any money to buy food. 

If you will just learn how to appreciate what you have and stop comparing yourself to others then you can achieve extreme happiness. Be proud of what you have and use it to the fullest. Don't look at other people's achievements and attributes, look at your own and be really happy about it. 

You are so blessed and you will feel blessed even more if you will look at other people who have lesser than you. Don't feel superior than them, just take a look at them and see all the advantages you have in life that they don't have, yet you are not using all of it. 

Don't pretend to be blind, you have a lot yet you are not seeing it. Is it maybe because your standards were too high or you are just a complete moron who loves to complain but doesn't want to work?

There are some people who have worse situation than you but doing better than you. You must be ashamed of yourself if a blind or an incomplete person is happier and doing better in life than you. 

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