February 18, 2017


Be a slave to nobody. Never follow somebody's command especially if your heart is against it. It is time to promote yourself and do what you think will put you on a higher position. If your boss is yelling at you, if he is abusive and not treating you right... smack him, demote him and promote yourself. Be the boss, show them what you are made of.

But if you do that, make sure you will never go back, make sure you will make your own path and never bow to anyone again. Make sure you will work super hard and produce results by your own.

Nobody wants to be a slave to anybody right? Some people don't have a choice but to follow somebody else's rules because they leave themselves no choice. They don't give themselves the authority to become their own boss. Be your own boss or else you will just be an accessory to someone else's dream. You have to follow your own dream and live the life that you want.

Promote yourself now, make money by your own now, have your own philosophy and follow it. Have your own personal economy and make it grow everyday. Because if you will not do it on your own, somebody will do it for you and trust me... you will never like what you will get.

The only way to promote yourself is leave your current job that you don't love and follow your heart. If you have an idea on your mind that you truly believe that will succeed... do it, execute now, improve everyday, improve your network and make it grow forever. Hardwork will be your assurance that you will win, if you work harder than anyone else then for sure you will thrive, you will be able to command people and build your own empire. Harwork will never fail you, it will always prevail, it will bring you to the top.

So stop following your lazy boss that you know is not better than you. You know you are better than your boss, you know you can work harder than him so leave the company right away and make your own destiny.

Because there is no other way around, if you want to become really happy then don't let other people tell you what to do. You know what to do and you can do it. It is your life, it is only one and you have to make sure you use it to the fullest and you live by your own personal standards.

You can get any amount of salary that you want, you can associate your life with the people that you really want if you are confident enough and you have high belief in yourself. It is hard in the beginning but once you get that momentum... you will become unstoppable. It is just a matter of decoding what is needed to be decoded. It is just a matter of learning what is needed to be learned and then all of the things that you need will fall into your hands naturally.

If people can't give it to you then give it to yourself, as simple as that. Just commit to becoming successful, find little success everyday and then keep repeating and repeating until you become big.

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