February 13, 2017


Making mistake is a big deal nowadays. Just a simple mistake in grammar and social medial will bash you, just a simple mistake in your work at the office and your co-workers will make a story out of you, just a simple mistake in a game and your coach will bench you.

I don't know but a lot of people were so perfectionist nowadays and they feel like no one is allowed to commit a mistake. If you didn't commit a mistake intentionally then there is nothing wrong with you, making a mistake is just a reminder that you're just a human.

If you will not allow yourself to commit a mistake then you will never be yourself. If you are always trying to look perfect and clean then you will never get loose and express yourself to the fullest. The only way to win is to accept that you can lose anytime, the only way to have an easy way is to accept that it is hard.

So if you made a mistake and you honestly know in yourself that you are wrong... just move one and do the next task. People may talk about you, some may get mad at you but just pretend that you didn't hear something. Pretend that making a mistake is not a big deal to you so you will remain confident and focused on what you are doing. Because it is really not a big deal, no one is perfect in this world and you are free to do anything you want regardless if you are skilled or not. You can express yourself and be yourself anytime you want even if it seems like there is something wrong in what you are doing.

Just don't talk about your mistake, pretend that you didn't notice it, pretend that it is nothing and you can still make a right decision next time.

Life is all about moving forward and not dwelling on the things that are wrong. If you can easily forget the things that you did wrong then you will experience life even more, you can become successful faster than the others. Because a lot of people were focusing on their mistakes and weakness that is why they are having a hard time moving to the next stage. They were stuck in some place correcting what is not needed to be corrected.

If someone criticize you or get mad at you for the mistake that you've done... just simply ignore him and focus on your work. It is none of your business to get emotional of what people say. Your main job is to pursue your goal and do what makes you feel good. Just keep on moving forward and if they can't stop you then it is their problem.

There are some people who were successful but did a lot of mistakes from the past. They become successful because they can move on easily, it is not that they think that they are perfect and invincible. It's just that they are ok with the mistakes they did and they were not hard on themselves. They play the game right even if sometimes they are wrong. The remain confident, calm and still have a strong faith that they can succeed anytime.

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