February 01, 2017


Sometimes if you are trying hard too much... you will never see results because your mind is occupied by the difficulty of the situation. You feel like it is really hard and it is impossible to succeed. You keep on repeating and repeating but you can't figure out how to win or become successful.

Sometimes you need a breathing room, your mind need some space and time. It needs to freshen up a bit.

If you are pursuing a goal and you feel like quitting already because it is really hard and you can't think of some solutions anymore... you must pretend that you already quit. Trick your mind that you already quit, surrender, don't think about winning anymore. Sometimes you have to lose hope so you will have nothing to lose anymore. Pretend that you quit, pretend that winning is not important to you anymore so you will become lose and free.

Because what is stopping you is your desire to win right away, you want to get it so bad that you forget to relax under pressure. Being calm and loose will make you decide fast, move quicker and feel less pressure.

So detach yourself from winning but keep moving, detach from thinking about perfection and always doing the right thing. Just do what you think is right, just move without any form of doubts if it will work or not.

Look at those people who already quit... the pressure was take away from the but the only difference is they are not moving anymore. But your case is a different case, you will still move and do your best but you will not think about being successful anymore or getting it right away. You will just focus on your actions and doing it over and over again.

You will not care if you make progress or not. You just do something that you think will give you a chance. But keep in mind that you are not reaching for success so bad. You set yourself free from the idea of having it right away and making it big.

If you don't care about something you can get it easily because there is no pressure on your side. You will not feel bad if you don't get it. You will not hold yourself from taking actions because just like I said... it is nothing.

But keep in mind that you are still open to winning, the only difference is you are not reaching for it, you are letting it come to your life naturally. You are allowing it to happen and not forcing it to happen.

It is like win or lose you don't care at all but you will still give your best, you will still enjoy the process and do the right thing.

Because if you keep trying but nothing is happening... you will only get disappointed. But if you are not expecting anything then you will try forever and just be happy doing the process until you get there.

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