February 25, 2017


Not all but most parents wants to give his child comfort. They don't want their children to get hurt that is why they choose what is safe for their children. Don't blame them if they are stopping you from getting your dreams. They will break your heart because they don't want to break theirs. They don't want to see you in pain or bleeding. They always want what is easier for you, they want to make sure that you will do good in life. But settling for good means not great.

If you want to become a fighter, let's say a boxer or an MMA fighter, of course your parents will get mad and will stop you from doing that. While some parents will support their children but majority of them will not, especially if you are chasing a wild dream that is very dangerous and might take away your life. Don't get mad at your parents, they just don't want to see you in pain or getting sucker punched by someone, they don't want you to lose.

The best thing to do is to give them an assurance that you are doing well, finish your studies. Settle for something safe and then pursue dangerous dreams. What I mean by that is show them that you have a stable job and everything in your life has been taken care of then continue doing what you really want, chase your true dreams, follow your heart. If you really want it then you can do it. Not having time is just an excuse, you have a lot of time if you will use your time for useful things.

Parents want to see you in a very secured and stable place that is why they are acting like they don't support you. Don't feel sorry and never get angry at them. They are not stopping you from getting your dreams, they just want you to pursue a safer dream.