February 10, 2017


The truth is... real great people will never criticize anyone because they wanted everyone to become great too, they wanted to help, they wanted to inspire and make a change. They don't want to pull somebody down because they love success and they want to share it to everyone.

So if there is someone who is criticizing you and telling you that you're just another guy with no special skills, forget that guy because he is mediocre too. A real great person will never focus on mediocre guys and will never waste his time proving that he is great. A great person will focus on bettering himself and looking for ways to help and inspire people.

The real mediocre people are the one who criticize because their time was merely focused on looking for other people's mistakes, imperfectness and flaws. Usually, no critic has ever achieved anything great because all they do is criticize, they never succeed in life and they are not doing anything to improve their life. All they do is pretend that they know a lot and make life difficult for somebody.

Don't ever listen to your critics because all the critics does is to put you down and break you mentally. They don't aim to help you because they are not allowing you to be yourself. A real guru will teach you something but will allow you to be yourself and do it your way. He will allow you to try and do your own style. A real guru doesn't care if you will follow all of his instructions, for him he already teach you what he knew and it is up to you if you will follow the knowledge he shared. In other words, he will allow you to be free.

Mediocre people's habit is to make themselves feel better by seeing someone suffering and failing. That is why they don't succeed, they were jealous from the very beginning. They don't have the abundant mindset. They always worry if someone is doing better than them. They want to go to the top but their actions were purely focused on pulling somebody down. They are not working hard, they simply live their lives watching somebody go up and wishing him to fall down.

If you also find yourself criticizing other people, it means you are mediocre too. Because if you are really great then all you will see is greatness, you will hope for someone's success, your eyes will only see success and nothing else. You will hope for the best and you will not be happy about someone's failure, that is what successful people does, they never get jealous, they never worry about somebody making it to the top because they knew they can do it too.

And if you are the one being criticized, all you need to do is close your ears and keep doing what you are doing. It doesn't matter if they call you names that are funny, it doesn't matter if you are not yet making it big. What matters is you keep taking actions and you will never stop until you become successful.

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