February 22, 2017


Why are you so afraid of failing? why are you so afraid of not making it work? don't you know that you can try again? yes, it's a good news, you can always try, your number of tries will never ran out. You can try as many as you can, you can try fast, you can try again now, you can try again tomorrow. That is the beauty of life, your number of tries will never ran out, you are allowed to try anytime you want. But this game will only be enjoyed by people who are persevering and will never quit until they win.

The losers never knew that they can try again, they will stop immediately once they've tasted a defeat. I don't know why but maybe the reason why they will never try again is because they think they will get the same result. If you fail now and you try again next time... for sure you will get a different result, you may lose again but your performance will become better because you already gained an experience. You already know what to do and you are more confident because you already saw the challenge. You already knew how it feels so that is a very big advantage.

Keep trying because no one can stop you. They can make fun of you and tell you that you are trying hard so much but it is better to try hard than to not try at all.

Immune yourself to failure. Once you try a lot of times and you fail, you will never be scared of failing again, it will never make you feel bad again because you already surpass the depression that you can get from failing. You will not feel bad anymore when you fail, you will be toughen, you will become stronger than before. That is what trying a lot of times can give you... it will give you a thick skin, you will never feel bad even if they call you a failure.

So enjoy trying and trying again, it is a journey. Success has no choice but to submit itself to you once it saw what you are deserving. Success will have a heart and will give you what you want.

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