February 10, 2017


Most people are affected about getting wounded or let's say having a hard time and making imperfect results. Guess what... no strong or successful warrior has never been wounded on his battles. 

Every great warrior has a lot of wounds, there is no such thing as being invincible. But the difference between a warrior who has succeeded for a many battles and a loser is... the successful warrior is not afraid to get slashed, hit or killed. He is not afraid of pain, he can take a lot of beating but still able to win the battle. 

So don't be hard on yourself if you are struggling a lot and facing a lot of adversities in life, it is normal and you will get away from all of it if you will lift your spirit up and stand up every time you fall down. You can get wounded but you will never die, you are the only one who can kill yourself, not anything, not anyone.

The more wound you heal, the more pain you endure... the more you will become stronger and smarter in life. You will never be afraid of any challenges anymore because you are so familiar with it. You will not be stunned once you face another test because it will be like a normal day to you. 

Be proud of your scars, be happy with your sufferings because it brings out the best in you. It brings out the real you. You will never find your true self if you are always sitting on comfort and getting support from someone's helping hand. 

Don't be afraid to take a difficult path, don't be afraid of the work needed to become successful. Working and moving forward is the only way, you will face a lot of obstacles but you can overcome all of it if you have faith in yourself and has the mindset of always moving forward no matter what.

A warrior will still move even if he is in pain so if you are considering yourself as a warrior then you must move and never look back even if you're badly wounded or the odds were against you. Treat every wound as a no big deal because you are still alive and you can still change the course of your life. You should be ok with any pain and embrace it because even if it is a hard feeling, it still made you feel, it is a big contributor to your growth.

The reality is... you will never grow without resistance, you will never become a great person if you will not feel pain nor any difficulty. Your character will be tested by the kind of adversity you are facing. Your true colors will be revealed once you faced a test that is very impossible to pass. 

Are you a warrior or just an actor? you can pretend that you are strong or tough but if you will just quit from the very beginning especially when you can't figure out what to do next and you are panicking then you are just an actor. You don't have the right to call yourself a warrior. 

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