February 15, 2017


If you want to have an easier and more fun life... you should apply this principle everyday and make it a part of your daily life. It is called the "NO THINKING POLICY". You don't think, you don't worry, you don't over analyze. You just do what is needed, have fun in your journey and never think about failing nor not making it to the top.

If you have a task to do, you just do it. You don't care if you are doing it perfectly or flawlessly, you just do it and wait for the final result. You just wait for the prize that will be rewarded to you for the effort that you did. No more worrying, no more doubting yourself, no more negative thoughts because it will only make you slow, it will only make you inefficient.

Because you are here in this world to enjoy life, you are here to create and not to procrastinate. If you will entertain your thoughts before you make an action then for sure you will not do it. Because your thoughts will control you, fear will be created and it will stop you from taking actions.

If you have a list of tasks for the day. Just do it, don't think. Start checking them one by one and never stop until you're done. Too much thinking is more stressful than taking massive actions. Even though you're body is not moving... you will feel very tired because not moving will make your body weak, it will poisoned your mind and you will be confused, doubtful and unmotivated.

You just need to know what you want to do and then do it. No thinking is required. No long plans, no stupid day dreaming and wishing. Just move your ass and simply enjoy the process. Enjoying the process will give you tremendous success and happiness. Make it simple, just make taking actions as your default and stop entertaining other thoughts that will only slow down your success.

Life can become great if you are not thinking too much, if you are not worrying about anything else that doesn't make sense. It is not that you will do stupid decisions by not using your brain. My point here is once you decide what you are going to do... you just do it and you will keep moving forward until its completion. You will move faster than your brain. A lot of disturbing thoughts will slow you down, it will make you weak and scared so the best thing to do is make the game plan very basic and execute it. Because adjustments will be done as you keep moving, you will naturally made a course correction once you have a great momentum. And you will not have a hard time making adjustments because you are not thinking too much, you just change your actions if needed and then you go back on the right track again.

It is like moving without guilt, you are very free to take actions the way you wanted to do it and you never feel hesitant or doubtful. You have no conscience in making decisions. Your mind is not stressed and all you think about is winning and becoming successful, Your mind is fixed to progress and bliss, everything is smooth, you are making dramatic improvement in your life.

You will have a very big advantage if you are not thinking. A lot of people worries a lot, they think a lot, they are not living in the moment that is why they are feeling bad and they always make bad decisions in life. If you are not rushing, if you are just living your life they way you wanted to live it then you're already successful.

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