February 28, 2017


Don't wait for motivation to show up before you start something because it will never help you. Motivation will only visit you once you are suffering. It will not help you if you are not beginning yet and that is the sad reality.

You can feel pumped up, you can feel a little bit motivated or excited once you watch a motivational movie that can win 10 oscar awards or you can be on fire once you read a motivational story that can win a noble prize but I guarantee you, those stuffs will not last long.

Motivation is powerful but a lot of people don't know that motivation can only exist in the middle and in the last stage of your journey. You can find motivation in the middle of your journey, once you are suffering and you want to go back and it will also run inside of your head in the last stage of your journey once you are about to quit and take another route. Motivation is there to make you keep going, it is not there to make you begin something.

So you should start now even if you don't feel good, do something now even if you feel really heavy. If you are waiting to get motivated before you start... I guarantee you, you will never start.

A lot of people can't even start because they were so addicted to motivation. After watching one video they will watch another one and another one until they get tired and will tell themselves that they will start tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, they will do the same routine again until they found themselves not doing anything. They will become depressed again and will start to make a story that motivation is fake. Motivation is not fake, they just think that become fully motivated will make them start and succeed. Motivation doesn't work that way, it will only enter your system once you are in pain, once you wanted to quit. It serves as a third or fourth wind.

So stop thinking that motivation will make you succeed or it will make you do a very strong start. Your decisiveness will make you start. Once you are committed... you will begin right away regardless of how you feel.

So stop thinking about finding that good feeling. Stop looking for strong positive emotion before you start because it will never come. Motivation's job is to keep you going and not to give you a strong beginning. It serves as a reserve fuel when you are running out of gas.

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