February 26, 2017


Placing your numbers in a proper place will make you very successful, especially if you have or produce large numbers. It's all about repeating something and putting your energy to a more beneficial activity, as simple as that.

Gamblers put their money on gambling, they thought that it is the right move. Did you know someone who become rich through gambling? no one right? gambling is a piece of shit, it will make you feel sometimes that you are winning but in reality, if you will count the number of times you won... it is lesser than the number of times you lost. You are losing money but you are pretending to be blind, you are still hoping that you can get back the money that you lost. If you will only put your number of money in business then maybe you will have a legit chance to become rich. Put your numbers in a position where there is a big chance in winning, don't rely on luck, trust hardwork.

Some MMA fighters are making a number of drills instead of practicing kicking and punching. Some fighters will hammer a tire a million times, it doesn't make sense because you will not hammer a tire inside the cage. If they only make a number of punches and kicks a million times instead of hammering a tire then their skills will advance to another level, their chances of winning will go up. They are putting their numbers in a wrong place that is why their chances of winning is very low.

Instead of kissing your wife a million times, you are yelling at her a million times. Now tell me, would that kind of attitude gonna make your relationship healthier? Kiss her a million times and let's see if if both of you will still hate each other. Again, it's all about putting your numbers in the right place, it's all about choosing what numbers to produce. Is it a negative number or a positive number?

If you are making your website popular, what method will you do? are you going to increase the number of your post or are you going to increase the number of words in your post? whatever works for you, it is right, it is all about putting your numbers in the right place. Once you know where to put your numbers, repeat it over and over again until you become successful.

You want to have a peace of mind a better life but you keep on producing hundreds of negative thoughts. Why don't you just produce hundreds of positive thoughts even though your situation is bad, what do you think will be the result?

Life will become easier if you will just be smart in making decisions on where to put your numbers in the right place. You know what is the place of growth, you know what numbers will give you a higher percentage of success.