February 21, 2017


What is pain? it is just a feeling right? it is just an emotion. Pain can strengthen you or weaken you. But whatever your definition of pain is, make sure you are feeling the pain that is worth it. Make sure the pain that you are letting in to your system has benefits.

A lot of people were so afraid of pain but they don't know that in the past, they instill some pain into themselves that were completely useless.

Some people were afraid to run a marathon because they keep telling that it is painful and their legs will only hurt but how come they were able to endure the pain of having a piercing on their nose? or having a tattoo in their ass? The even drink some liters of beer to impress their friends that causes them a painful headache in the morning. Some people were just completely idiots, they invite pain into their body that will just make their lives miserable.

If you will entertain a pain into your body, make sure that pain will turn into glory and not into misery. Some pain will multiply in the future and those are the pains that are wrong from the very beginning. Pain such as entering a wrong relationship, if you have an abusive partner and he is giving you a lot of problems then you should stop that pain because it is not worth it. If he is giving you a lot of pain mentally and physically do you think he is worth it? you should stop the relationship now because it will just multiply in the future.

A lot of relationships were painful but some were beneficiary, these are the relationships that will last forever and a relationship that is composed of love, understanding and sticking with each other forever. Yes, sometimes it will give you pain but that pain is worth it.

Some more pains that are worth it are lifting weights, studying hard to the point where your mind will explode, sacrificing for a growth, dieting, practicing hard for something. These pains are hard to endure but it will give you benefits in the future.

So choose what kind of pain will you entertain, is it something that will give you more pain or something that will give you glory in the future?

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