February 24, 2017


Life is easy yet a lot of people don't know it because they were too tied with their emotions. They give value too much to their negative feelings. Once they feel bad or something is aching in their body... their day is ruined, they will not perform well, they will not give their best, they will become hot headed and mostly... their work is affected.

You can't be controlled by emotions instead you must control your emotions if you want to have an easier and more meaningful life.

A little traffic is making your head hot, a simple joke is offending you, a disrespectful co-worker is ruining your day. If you will think deeply... those things are nothing, those things cannot affect you if you are patient and you think more of highly things. If you are so focused on living a better life then those things will not matter to you.

You need to learn how to cut negative emotions that are running in your system right away so you can shift your vibration to a happier state. This skill is not difficult to master, it takes time but once you become good at it... you will live a happier and easier life.

If you feel bad because your noisy neighbor is annoying you... cut that emotion right away, think of some other things, focus on more productive activity. If you give attention to something... it will become bigger so if you fight your neighbor, your problems will become bigger.

If you feel bad because you have a little headache... don't give it too much attention, cut the thought that you feel bad instead just slow things down, be in the moment and always think that it is just a matter of time before your headache go away.

It is not hard to do, just think of some other things that is not connected to your negative emotion. If you are sad then think of the past happy memories. If you are scared then remember the times when you act courageous, as simple as that. They key here is to be aware that you are feeling bad and having the sense of urgency that you need to replace that feeling right away. You can have fun with it, you can see its good benefits.

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