February 21, 2017


If you wanted to be successful then you must learn to love the process of being successful, because you're already there when you do it. Being successful needs a lot of undergoing of process so you need to stick with the process, love it as much as you can and then let some other things take care of itself.

No need to worry, no need to rush, no need to compare. Just do what you are supposed to do, have fun while doing it and your time will come. It is guaranteed, you don't need to ask a lot of questions, you don't need to doubt or entertain fear. Success will come into your life if your faith is strong enough.

There will be times when you will get tired of doing and waiting. But that is the challenge, the challenge is to bring the belief back and go back doing the process. The challenge is never the challenge itself, the challenge is how will you have fun while doing the process. Because having fun will give you strength, having fun will give you the motivation. All of your actions will be inspired actions and not forced actions.

You can have all the money in the world, you can have all the trophies but if you are not happy with what you are doing then you will still feel like a failure, you will feel incomplete and insignificant.

So find what process you can enjoy and stick with it no matter what. Your fire may die while doing it for a long time but for sure it will come back to life again because you love it, the fire needs a rest but it will not be gone forever. Find the process that gives you excitement and will wake you up without using an alarm clock. Any process will do, any process will work, for as long as you love it... it is the right process, it is the right path. Your source of happiness can never go wrong, it is 100 percent accurate.

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