February 13, 2017


If you think you are getting less than what you deserve, if you think respect is not bestowed upon you, if you think that you can do more and have more then it is time for you to claim what is yours. Be the boss, be your own boss and act like a real boss. I know you're so sick and tired following orders from people who doesn't even care about you. I know you're so sick and tired of getting less and being treated less so show them what you are made of, show them what you've got.

Give yourself the authority to be on top. You've been treated like a slave for a very long time, it's time for you to shine, this is your time, own the big stage.

You can do it, if somebody can act like a boss so as you. You just need to trust yourself more, be courageous and take risk. Don't be afraid if some people will hate you or envy you. For as long as you keep making results... you will be fine. Because if you will not make courageous and bold moves now then you will be a slave forever following somebody and just contributing to someone else's dreams.

You're holding yourself back for so long, you're being conservative for so many years and does that kind of mentality helped you? You have to awaken the beast inside of you because you are stronger than what you think. A lot of people were acting like they were great even though they are not and the good thing is they are having their own version of success. So if they can act like they were great, you can do it too.

Define your own success, set your own limits and make it unlimited. You are not here to live a life that you don't want, you are here to experience everything you want. All you need is to strengthen your self belief and dedicate your life for something that you really love and not something that you force yourself to love because you think it's the only choice you have.

Your time has come, make the best out of it, devour every opportunity that you see and never let go of the momentum that you already built.

You are free to decide, you are free to choose who you wanted to be. The choice is yours, you still have some time, live like a boss and work like a real boss.

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