February 24, 2017


Have you ever bought something that you thought was really good and you like it but when you saw someone having something like what you have but the details and price were better, you will suddenly feel bad? you will feel that what you have is ugly. It is not ugly, you just compare what you have to others and when you feel that yours is uglier, you suddenly feel bad. It's not bad, you just regret it. Everything you have will look ugly when you regret it.

Once you purchase something, fully appreciate it and never regret buying it. Never compare it with others because you will only see the fault you did for buying that thing. Once you compare, it means you are not satisfied with your decision, it means you are not confident about what is yours, it means you are still looking for something better.

Same as taking actions, when you said something to someone, don't regret saying it, especially if your intention is to appreciate him. If he didn't like what you said for whatever reasons, it's none of your business. It will only look bad if you regret it.

Once you did something and your intention is good... never regret that you did it. Things and situation will only look bad if you are thinking about what you did wrong. Don't think so much, don't worry so much. Every positive actions with good intentions is the right action.

So if you purchase something next time... just love it, never compare it with others, never think that your decision is wrong. This usually happens when you bought something and you see that there is a same item in a different store with a cheaper price. You regret your decision because you think you lost the opportunity for saving some money. But if you didn't look for another store to compare your stuff then you will never regret it right? so the lesson is once you made a decision, stick with it and never think of something else that will only make you feel bad.

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