February 21, 2017


If you just get $20,000 dollars this year and you think that it is not enough... don't worry about it, if you know in yourself that you gave your all and you gave your best then there is nothing to worry about. That s the only amount you can get with your strength and skills so be happy with it. You can do better next time, what matters is the habit of giving your 100 percent is there and you constantly make an improvement.

If you lose in a game, if your business never click, if your relationships with the people around you is not doing well... don't worry about it, if you give your best to win and make other people happy then there is no debate needed, you don't need to feel regretful because that is all you can do. You're just a human, you're not immune to failure.

If you waste a second, if you didn't give your best then that is the only time you must feel bad about yourself. But if you give everything and you can look at the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you give your all then you should be proud of yourself.

Life is not all about winning, it is about trying and giving everything you have because you will only be satisfied in life if you use all of your power to live a better life.

You can fall short, you can fail a lot of times but you will never feel bad if you knew that you give your life for something and you use all of your might to get what you are trying to accomplish.

So stop wasting time, stop expecting to always win. Just simply give your best and do everything you can do to win in life. You're a winner if you utilize all of your knowledge to accomplish something. Just push everyday, stop looking for an answer just strive to make your situation better.

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