February 01, 2017


How would you feel when you accomplish something? how would you feel once you take the first step? Imagine those feelings, those feelings are great and it can make you very happy.

People move because of emotions. That is why those marketing products were very successful. Those products on the tv commercial were all successful because they can hypnotize people and make them move. And how do they do this? by triggering people's emotions. They will build a commercial that will make people get excited, seduced and desire for the product being advertised. They know the techniques to make people aroused so their products will be patronized.

So the conclusion is... emotions will make you move or make a decision. Emotions will make you move your ass and do something about your situation. Emotion is a very powerful tool to become successful.

What you need to do is imagine the feeling of being successful, imagine the feeling when you finished something significant to your journey. Close your eyes and feel those feelings, draw the state from within. You will be forced to move and take some actions that will make you feel those feelings in the real life.

Because if you can't feel now then you will not move, you will just sit there and let the time pass by without accomplishing anything.

That is why fear can become a very good motivator. If you are scared to experience poverty then you will work hard. If you are scared to fail in your exams then you will study hard, as simple as that. But if you don't feel anything about your situation then you are in danger, you will just take every second for granted and do nothing about it.

That is why it is important to visualize with feelings because that kind of style will make you get results better.

Emotion is a very powerful tool for execution, you need to master your emotions so you can motivate yourself easily and take unlimited actions to become successful. It is not about the skills or talents, it is about who can feel right ad use his emotions to his advantage.

Imagine the feeling of being rich, imagine the feeling of being successful. Imagine it everyday and you will get those feelings sooner or later. But of course you still need to pair it with work. You can't be just dreaming and expecting to have everything, that shit only happens on fairy tales and not in real life.

Use your emotion to create a motivation. You can control how you feel by understanding how you feel at the moment. If you are scared then ask yourself what are you being scared about? you will see that your situation is not really bad and you can do something to make it better.

Calmness should be the default in order for you to create another emotion. You can be excited if you are calm. You can't be excited if you are scared. You can be happy if you are calm, you can't be happy if you are angry.

Just imagine the emotion that is connected to what you want and feel it. If you want to become successful then what is the emotion connected to it? it is happiness and excitement right?