February 04, 2017


The problem why you can't be yourself is you always think about someone. You are always thinking that someone is better than you, you are always thinking about living in other people's life. You want to be somebody else, you don't want to be yourself. You are dreaming of becoming popular, you are dreaming of also having everything but you never trust yourself. You are easily impressed by other people. You praise other people and kiss their ass to the point where you almost forgot that you are good enough and you can become great too.

The key to success is to always think about yourself, focus on making yourself better, focus on improving everyday and stop thinking about what other people say or doing. It is none of your business to think about how other people are doing. Your main duty is to focus on yourself, do your work and simply give your best.

If you are always thinking about someone then it means you don't love yourself because you are giving your time and energy for someone and you are not gaining anything about it, that kind of activity is just making you weak and stuck.

You always think if you hurt someone, you always think if you make someone happy, you always think if someone is mad at you. That is why you can't think clearly and all of your actions were based on what other people say. You are depriving yourself of freedom that you can use to become more creative and have a happy life.

Stop being concern about how other people feel, it is none of your business if they feel good or bad. Just always be yourself and continue living life. Because you are not living at all if all you do is think about people, your motivation will become low, your progress will become slow.

The funny thing is... the person whom you are thinking is not even thinking about you, he doesn't care about you. You are the loser in that kind of game if you keep on playing it. A lot of your time will be wasted, you will not be able to give your best.

If you are competing and you are always thinking about your opponent, you are thinking if he is doing good, what kind of training he does, is he progressing, is he better than yesterday. That kind of approach will just make you worried, unfocused and creates doubts and fears. You must focus on what you can control and that is yourself. Stop thinking who is doing better, just think about how are you going to beat your performance yesterday. You have to compete against yourself and not with others.

It's all about being yourself. And being yourself means enjoying what you are doing and not comparing your strength to others, it's all about only giving time for your improvement and not caring about what other people are thinking about you. You execute your own actions, being committed to the process that you really think is right. You simply don't care if someone is stronger than you or doing better than you. You will just do what you think is best for your life and can make you win.